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Eliona Gjecaj (ESR 2)

Eliona Gjecaj

ESR Project Title:  Voices of Women with Disabilities in the Context of Gender-Based Violence

Email: elg65@hi.is

Eliona Gjecaj holds a First-Class Honours LLM Degree in International and Comparative Disability Law and Policy, and a First-Class Honours BA International Degree in Spanish and Sociology & Political Sciences, from NUI Galway. She is a serving member on the first ever Statutory Disability Advisory Committee in Ireland, appointed by The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission.

Ms Gjecaj is co-founder of Galway Activism NGO found in 2019, and chairperson of Galway Visually Impaired Activity Club since 2016. .    She has been recognized as 1 out of 10 Outstanding Young People of Ireland 2018 by Junior Chamber International (JCI) Ireland, for her disability activism, achievements, and volunteering with disability NGOs. In 2017 she found, co-set up, and was the auditor until July 2019 of the IMPACTE (Inclusion & Motivation for Promoting Access to Community Transformation & Engagement) Society in National University of Ireland Galway.